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Transitioning to Green Heating with ESP – Simon and Jenny’s Experience

Join Simon and Jenny on their journey to create a sustainable home with efficient heating and hot water systems. Amidst confusion and conflicting advice, they discovered ESP, a beacon of clarity and expertise in green technologies. With ESP’s guidance, they found a solution within budget, experiencing seamless efficiency in their new home.


Simon and Jenny embarked on a building project aiming to incorporate sustainable and cost-effective heating and domestic hot water systems into their new home. As novices in the realm of green technologies, they initially faced confusion and frustration while navigating the options available. Their search for clarity led them to consult with various local suppliers, but they found themselves overwhelmed by conflicting advice and exorbitant cost estimates.


Simon and Jenny’s main challenge was to find a reliable and transparent supplier who could guide them through the process of selecting an efficient green heating solution within their budget. They needed assistance in understanding their options and determining the most suitable system for their new home.


Based on a recommendation, Simon and Jenny discovered ESP, who could provide a straightforward approach and expertise in green heating systems. ESP’s team provided them with clear recommendations tailored to their needs, alleviating their initial confusion and uncertainty.


Thanks to ESP’s guidance and support, Simon and Jenny were able to select a green heating system that met their requirements and budget. As they settled into their new home, they experienced the efficiency and reliability of the recommended system firsthand. They were delighted with the seamless transition and the performance of their new heating and hot water setup.

What Simon & Jenny had to say

“We have and will continue to recommend ESP to anyone looking for a reliable and trusted supplier, who truly puts the needs of their customers first.”

February 16, 2024