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Recover Heat from Outside Air with our MVHR Solutions

Recover Heat from Outside Air with our MVHR Solutions

MVHR, or Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, is a ventilation system commonly used in homes and buildings to provide controlled ventilation while minimizing heat loss.

How do MVHR systems work with my home?

MVHR systems use mechanical fans to circulate fresh air into the building and remove stale air, helping to maintain good indoor air quality by ensuring a constant supply of fresh air. One of the key features of MVHR systems is its ability to recover heat from the outgoing stale air before it is vented outside. The system includes a heat exchanger that transfers heat from the warm outgoing air to the fresh incoming air, helping to preheat the incoming air in the winter and cool it in the summer, therefore reducing the energy required to heat or cool the indoor air. MVHR systems are incredibly energy efficient and therefore cost-effective, leading to lower heating bills and reduced carbon emissions. What’s more, it is proven to create a healthier and more comfortable living or working environment.

MVHR Solutions

MVHR product from Earth Save Products

Maximise Comfort and Efficiency with Our MVHR Systems

Enhance your indoor air quality while minimising heat loss with our state-of-the-art Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems. As buildings become more airtight for energy efficiency, proper ventilation becomes essential. Our MVHR systems employ advanced heat exchange technology to ensure that fresh air is continuously circulated throughout your home while recovering heat from outgoing stale air.
MVHR products from earth save products

Say Goodbye to Heat Loss: Discover the Power of Ecocent Air MVHR

Bid farewell to heat loss and welcome energy-efficient ventilation with our Ecocent Air MVHR systems. Designed to seamlessly integrate into new builds or property refurbishments, our MVHR solutions harness the power of heat recovery to minimise energy wastage while ensuring fresh, clean air throughout your home.