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Sales of the Heliotherm range of Air Source & Ground Source Heat Pumps Soar

The Heliotherm range of air and ground source heat pumps has surpassed sales expectations in the UK, appealing to self-builders, developers, and even catching the interest of a local authority. Notably, the Heliotherm 8kW outperforms competitors with a quiet 29.4db(A) sound output, leaving an environment officer astounded by its silence during a demonstration.

We’re pleased to announce that UK sales of the Heliotherm range of air source & ground source heat pumps has exceeded all expectations. Not that we were in any doubt that once we demonstrated the capabilities of these high quality units to deliver maximum performance with minimal effort for renewable cost effective energy that there wouldn’t be a huge demand. The uptake has been impressive, from self-builders and developers alike, with interest shown from one local authority whose environment officer visited our showroom to check out the noise level.

“OK. You can switch it on now…” she said. I think the appropriate phrase to describe her reaction when we told her it was already on is ‘gobsmacked’.

A leading air source heat pump manufacturer is currently ‘shouting’ about their ultra-quiet 8.5 kW unit with a quoted sound output of 58db(A). Our Heliotherm 8kW has an even lower output at 29.4db(A).

June 18, 2018