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ESP Ecocent SAP Recommended Input Guide

SAP Input Instructions for entering hot water from an Ecocent Cylinder and MEV

Because of the number of enquiries we get about using the Ecocent as an MEV system in SAP software, we have devised this guide using the PCDB database numbers and highlight the various sections into which they must be entered: (Elmhurst ref)

PCDB Database numbers:

  • 200L Ecocent 190001, MEV 500487
  • 300L Ecocent 190002, MEV 500488
  • Maxi Ecocent 190003, MEV 500489

Section 19 (MEV) – Specify MEV – Centralised, MV reference number as above serving the relevant number of wet rooms.

Section 25 (Main Heating 2) – Specify reference as above (190001 etc as appropriate).

Section 28 (Water Heating) – Specify from Main Heating 2

This should allow the correct entry of the Ecocent as an MEV/EAHP System.

SAP Technical Note from BRE: Exhaust Air Source Heat Pumps producing hot water only