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Bespoke Designed & Built Buffer Tanks

Exciting news! Earth Save Products now offers custom-designed buffer tanks for various projects, from residential to large-scale heating and cooling ventures. Buffer tanks retain heat for future use, ensuring consistent output and efficiency. Whether for biomass, district heating, or CHP systems, contact us on 01865 598158 for more details.

Earth Save Products are now able to offer designed/custom built buffer tanks for any project from small residential to large heating and cooling projects, including biomass projects, district heating, CHP (Combined Heat & Power) systems and chilled water systems.

For those not in the know, a buffer tank retains heat for later use and can supplement the heat source when demand is high or store heat when demand is less. Stored heat can be immediately accessed without the heat source needing to get up to temperature; this is very useful for maintaining a constant output. Contact us on 01865 598158 for more information.

Buffer tank diagram
November 5, 2019