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Achieve a compliant SAP rating with the Ecocent MEV hot water, heat recovery system.

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Industry Bodies & Partners

Earth Save Products work with a range of industry bodies and a range of high profile partners.

Renewable Energy Systems that make sound sense – for residential and commercial properties, new or old.

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Harnessing the free energy that surrounds us and making it work to heat your house and office makes so much sense it’s amazing that we use conventional methods at all. Earth Save Products manufacture, design and install some of the most efficient and flexible systems for heating and hot water by air source heat pumps (ASHP), heat recovery ventilation, Thermovec radiators and of course our market leading Ecocent™ hot water products.

Why Choose Earth Save Products

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Off Grid Heating Solutions

Help with SAP Energy Ratings

Renewable Energy System Installations

Designed specifically for your requirements. Installed by professionals to ensure the best performance.

Hot Water Solutions

Multi-award winning Ecocent system recovers heat from used air and provides hot water at 60°C

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Underfloor Heating

You can now heat your property efficiently and effectively with an Earth Save Products underfloor heating system.

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Air Source Heat Pumps

Our range of Air Source Heat Pumps deliver low cost heating solutions for properties and delivery great savings on your energy bills.

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Ventilation / Heat Recovery

Air ventilation normally leads to a loss of heat in a property. Our MVHR system recovers heat while ventilating your property.

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Find out what Earth Save Products can offer you with our free, no obligations consultation.

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Residential Installations

We design and install renewable energy solutions within residential new builds as well as fitting our range of hot water, heating and ventilation systems in existing buildings. Get in touch today to arrange a free consultation with one of our industry experts.

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Commercial Installations

Earth Save Products have worked with some of the largest commercial institutions over the last few years, companies like RBS and the NHS. We have been delivering low cost hot water and ventilation systems that have exceeded initial projections on the return on investment.

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Featured Project

Lancaster Hall Hotel

ESP Feature on the Q-Ton Heat Pump Recently Earth Save Products have been working closely with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries with regards to their Q-ton heat pump. Earth Save Products are delighted to become the official distributor and the approved installation company of the Q-ton heat pump within the United Kingdom. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Case Study The Lancaster Hall [...]

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