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Earth Save Products Customer References

We are very proud of some of the feedback our clients have sent in to us after we have completed projects for them. From complimenting us on the quality of the work, praising the products to sharing their surprise on how much money they have saved on their energy bills. Here are just some of the customer references we have received here at Earth Save Products.

Dave Watkins - ESP ASHP

Dear Chris, I just wanted to email to say thanks so much for what we thought was a really great service.

The guys came this morning and worked through the weather to get the fit finished. They sound like they’ve had a hell of a time over the last couple of weeks. Both Jo and myself have been so impressed with your help and attention during the couple of months leading up to the fit today. Its how customer service should be, but never is.

I will be recommending and actively promoting you and ESP to anyone who will listen.

Thanks again. Yours sincerely, Jo & Dave Watkins.

Martyn - Ecocent Customer

Hi Guys,

Just a quick note to thank you all for your patience and understanding while we made up our minds whether or not to purchase your system. All my questions to Harold were answered in a way that even I could understand and the same applies to my questions about the set up to Mick and Nick. It was a very heartening experience to deal with a company that has an interest in really caring about their customers as you all seem to. In our quest to reduce our energy costs we spoke to many people, nearly all of whom did not even bother to get back to us.

I spent years in customer service fighting to get the motor trade to take care of their customers, but many would not be near your standards.

Many thanks again to all of you for all your help, I am sure that your attitude will ensure your business thrives. We will certainly do all we can to recommend you and if you need to refer any Irish enquiries to us please feel free to give out our email or phone number.

Kind Regards,

Simon G Green - Ecocent

Nick, good morning

Now our building project is virtually finished and Jenny and I have finally moved in, we would like to record our praise
and thanks for the help, advice, and after-sales service we have received from you and the ESP team.

This started with us being complete novices wrestling with the initial mine-field of trying to ascertain the best and most
cost-effective ‘green’ system of providing heating and domestic hot water, and ending with the system you
recommended working efficiently.

Consultation with several local ‘expert’ suppliers had done nothing to clarify our initial confusion, and in several cases
caused sleepless nights due to incredible quoted system costs…….

We are grateful therefore to Swindon for recommending ESP as a straightforward, no-nonsense supplier
advisor. Following our visit to your Works we left feeling clear in our minds as to the best way forward.

We have already, and will continue, to recommend your services to anyone we meet who are looking to embark upon
a similar journey to ours.

Thanks again Simon

PS We are happy should you wish to use the above for future publicity purposes

Bonne Chere - ESP ASHP

Hi Nick

You sold me a heat pump for my place in France in April which I am really pleased with. I have installed it with an energy monitor so I can track the costs, currently it is averaging out at €3.50 per day. Which when you consider the awful weather we have had, I consider this to be really good, the pool is set at 26 degrees which is higher than I would have had it with the oil boiler. In the past we have used 1800 to 2000 litres per year which this year would have cost us in the region of €1800 for the year. Even if this terrible weather continues with the heat pump the annual running cost
(based on a 4 month swimming season) should be just over €400.

I just thought you may be interested in a real life figures.

Also I have had lots of interest from other people I know with pools, so could you tell me how much to supply the same model (19kw) cash with me picking it up and a price delivered to France (Brittany). Are the pumps up to French specs and is a certificate of conformity available, and would you know if I would have to pay any import tax on them.

I really think there may be a chance to start fitting these as a business out here. The local pool shops are fitting 9kw pumps that just are not powerful enough to heat thepools here and I think this could be a viable business opportunity.

Let me know what you think.

Many thanks

Rob & Trudy
Bonne Chere