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BetterAir Probiotic Purifiers

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betterair ukThe Biotica800 sprays an ultra-fine mist of probiotics into your indoor environment – purifying the air, surfaces and objects all around it.

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Controls Odour: Our ®Enviro-biotics™ consume the bad bacteria that cause unpleasant household orders, including those caused by pets.

Boosts immunity: Helps create a simple, natural and optimally-balanced environments that our bodies were designed to live and thrive in.

Reduces mold: Helps create a simple, natural and optimally-balanced environments that our bodies were designed to live and thrive in. 

Chemical-free: The ®Enviro-biotics™ are 100% organic and contain none of the harsh chemicals found in many standard household cleaning products.

Safe for humans & animals: Our research team has formulated the most beneficial and safe strains of probiotics. They are all-natural and perfectly safe for your entire family.

Discreet design: Our patented diffuser releases a ultra-fine mist of probiotics that transform into living micro-organisms that outnumbers and helps eliminate mold spores.

our difference

We don’t battle nature… We work with it                                                                                                                       

betterair is a revolutionary new method of air purification. Unlike all existing air purifiers betteraiuses no chemicals, no filters, no UV lights, no ozone, no antibiotics, nothing artificial and nothing unnatural to create the healthiest indoor environment possible. We use Nature’s own self grown biome protectors – probiotics.

Today’s man made indoor environments, where we now spend on average 90% of our time, are overly isolated & excessively controlled, filling our rooms with artificial compounds and cleaners that kill the good bacteria along with the bad. This misguided methodology created super bugs resistant to any existing remedy (view article) that are threatening the world and have created an unhealthy indoor environment that not only gives us asthma, allergies, respiratory conditions, et al but a severely weakened immune system (view article) that at the very minimum causes fatigue, depression, disturbed sleep, compromised concentration and much much more.

Additionally , traditional air purifier’s only target the air and do not treat surfaces and objects. You cannot have clean air without clean surfaces. 80% of all disease is communicated by touch, only 20% by air.

betterair’s all natural, organic solution purifies not only the air but indoor surfaces and objects as well- from your keyboard to your pillow to your children’s toys. We nourish your room with good bacteria (probiotics) to overwhelm and eliminate the bad, thus rebalancing your indoor ecology and mimicking natures outdoor ecology.

Phone us on 01865 598158 for more information or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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