Ecocent MEV Hot Water System

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The Ecocent MEV-EAHP Hot Water and Ventilation System is a unique product that has been tested and approved by the Building Research Establishment for inclusion in the Government Approved SAP Software (PCDB Listing)  which is the mandatory system used to calculate property SAP Ratings and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCS). In recent years, developers have often resorted to installing PV and Solar Hot Water Panels to achieve compliant SAP ratings on new build properties. The ECOCENT MEV-EAHP can help achieve a compliant SAP RATING without the need for either of these systems, which often upset the cosmetics of the property exterior and which rely on a suitable property orientation.

The use of an Ecocent MEV-EAHP Hot Water and Ventilation System will help new build properties achieve compliance of both Part L and F of the Building Regulations, but its use is not limited to new build properties. It is a system that can easily be incorporated in most properties new or old and can dramatically improve energy efficiency and the living environment.

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