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Kanmor – Weather Compensation Control

Brand: Kanmor
Product Code: Kanmor

For information on prices, request a Callback now on 01865 598158

Adding a Kanmor 260e Weather Compensation Control saves energy by calculating the ideal boiler water temperature for every day of the year. Why heat the water to 80°C when your system only requires 55°C to create a comfortable living space?

With your existing boiler, the weather compensation control monitors the outdoor temperature and automatically adjusts the boiler water temperature to match your heating requirements. Adding a 260e control will save on your fuel bills, improve the efficiency of your boiler and increase your comfort.

How Your Heating System Works

Kanmor – Weather Compensation Control

When the air temperature drops below your thermostat setting, a signal is sent for the boiler to turn on and warm up your house. Without a weather compensation control, the heating system does not know if it is a cool autumn night or the coldest winter day. The boiler operates at a pre-set temperature until your house is too warm and the thermostat turns the boiler off.

Your boiler’s operating temperature (typically 80°C) is set to provide enough heat for the coldest day of the year. Most locations in the United Kingdom have less than 10 days a year that require this extreme temperature. By reducing the water temperature for the remaining 355 days of the year you can experience significant energy savings with your existing heating system.

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