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The Complete Model is an all-in-one heat pump system with an integrated 220 L hot water hygiene buffer storage with minimal external dimensions and maximum efficiency technology. It provides you with comfortable warmth and with sufficient hot weayter at any time. Through innovative hot-water stratification technology this unit provides 220 L of hot water within 2 hours, requiring only 1.5kW of energy.

The Cube Model has the dimensions off a conventional kitchen appliance or dishwasher, and whisper quiet acoustic emissions. Collectively it is truly a power pacakage and can be optionally ordered as a built-in appliance. This CUBE unit opens up completely new solutions for decentralized heating and hot water supply for apartment buildings or renovation projects.

The webscontrolAT® HD touch interface is operable from your smart device to conveniently control your Heliotherm SMS heat pump while you’re on the go via smart phone or tablet. Thanks to the browser-based technology, no App download is required to your device.