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This Heliotherm PV COP  Booster heat pump Sensor series is designed for outdoor installation and single and multi-family homes.

Enjoy the benefits of the first worldwide solar supported heat pump! The Air to Water heat pump CC PV-COP-Booster provides the heating capacity from 3 to 18 kW for highest heating and living comfort. The usability of self-generated photovoltaic electricity enables you to use the energy as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

This product is eligible for maximum funding aid due to its high SCOP of greater than 4.5 (ask your local authorities for financial funding programs).

The possible combinations of adapting the heat pump to varied buffer storage units and heat distribution systems give you the flexibility needed for planning an ideal heating system. Also, creating the ideal heating system for yourself and your home.

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This ESP H-THERM 6-22 HeatPump is ideal for large domestic & commercial properties #EnergyEfficient #heating up to 62° water flow

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