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There is a way to take hold of the free stored solar energy for your new or refurbished home. A small garden suffices for a Heliotherm Brine Heat Pump. Stored solar energy is free and environmentally friendly. The system is cost-effective working together with your home budget; a mindful cost return concept and equitable comfort in your home all year round. The secret of the brine heat pump lies in the working medium. You may prefer a space-saving vertical brine probe system or a horizontal brine surface collector system; the efficiency choice is yours.

Brine heat pumps with brine probes score not only on flexibility and high efficiency but with other special features like the patented remote maintenance technology which allows remote monitoring and control worldwide.

Your advantages:

  • Heating outlet temperatures of up to 65°C
  • Smart compact design requires low space requirement in the heating room
  • Space-saving installation; flexibility in layout design (vertical deep probe or surface collector)
  • Brine probe is not visible
  • Includes integrated high efficiency A+ pumps and calori meter
  • PV System connection ready > Own electric current use