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ESP E Combi Boiler

Product Code: ESP E Combi Boiler

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Introducing the new ESP E Combi Boiler. This energy efficient electric boiler from Earth Save Products is a direct replacement for traditional combi boilers. This system providing a hot water supply for both heating and hot water supplies. And because it has been developed by Earth Save Products the system does so while consuming less energy that many of the other systems on the market. This help you save money which reducing your carbon foot print.

If you would like to talk to one of our heating & hot water specialist engineers please contact us today to discuss your needs. Our team have many years of experience designing bespoke system installations for both domestic and commercial properties.

We have a flexible range of options available within our electric boiler range.

  1. 6kW central heating with 7.5kW flow heater (6kW/7.5kW)
  2. 9kW central heating with 9kW flow heater (9kW/9kW)
  3. 12kW central heating with 11kW flow heater (12kW/11kW)

As we install and manufacture these electric boilers we can make a combination of powers. So if you would like to have 6kW central heating with 11kW flow heater we can manufacture and configure your electric boiler this way for you.