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Ecocent Energy

Product Code: Ecocent Energy

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The Ecocent Energy can be mounted in any convenient location adjacent to your storage tank, provided that the location temperature never goes below 0°C. As with the all-in-one Ecocent units, the Ecocent Energy uses waste heat from any area where the heat builds up, extracting hot and possibly moist air from that room, harvests the thermal energy and exhausts cool, dry air. The harvested energy is pumped to any domestic hot water tank that has an indirect coil. Because the Ecocent Energy uses waste heat, heating your hot water is extremely efficient. Not only does it cost up to four times less than heating your water with a traditional system such as an immersion heater or, worse still, fossil fuels. It also means that hot water is available 24/7, completely independent of your house heating system.The running current of the Ecocent Energy is only 3.8 amps, as the unit only draws 810watts to provide 3kW of hot water! Air can be drawn from up to 8m away relying on the internal fans, or extended with the use of repeater fans, linked to the Ecocent Energy control system. Other than the insulated ducting for the air, the Ecocent Energy has a connection for your 13 amp electrical ring main, a condensate drain and connections for a simple, short circuit to take the output to your storage tank. Your plumber will be able to advise you on a suitable circuit and expansion tank for this.