New Forest New Build Heating and Cooling System Installation

We recently installed a complete Earth Save Products heating and cooling system in this prestigious new build in the New Forest consisting of 2 x 25 kW Classic Heat Pumps, 1 x 300 ltr Ecocent Maxi, 1 x 700 ltr Multi-tapping Buffer Tank, 2 x Brink 400 MVHR units and UFH throughout.       [...]

Hip Hip ‘Array’. Congratulations to Team ESP on another job well done.

ESP engineers recently carried out the supply and installation of a heating, hot water and ventilation system which included the PV array pictured on the roof of what was once a school house. The PV array is 7kW and an “in-roof” system using Perlight panels (all black). The array is fitted with a system monitor [...]

Using Air-Source and Ground-Source Heat Pumps with Underfloor Heating

Both Air Source and Ground Source heat pumps complement Underfloor Heating (UFH) perfectly, although there are some factors that always need to be considered. The reason that UFH works well with heat pumps and is more efficient is because it requires a much lower flow temperature than traditional heating systems. Radiator heating systems work on [...]

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