Sales of the Heliotherm range of Air Source & Ground Source Heat Pumps Soar

We’re pleased to announce that UK sales of the Heliotherm range of air source & ground source heat pumps has exceeded all expectations. Not that we were in any doubt that once we demonstrated the capabilities of these high quality units to deliver maximum performance with minimal effort for renewable cost effective energy that there [...]

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Eco Workshop: Retrofit Eco Solutions

Come and visit our stand on Saturday 11th November 10:00am-5:30pm. The next NSBRC Eco Workshop will be looking at one of the most important eco issues today: What practical measures can be taken with existing buildings to make them more sustainable and energy efficient? Experts will be explaining the variety of options available and talking through [...]

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ESP HELIOTHERM: The World’s Quietest Air to Water Heat Pump.

Earth Save Products are pleased to announce they have partnered with the German manufacturing company Heliotherm, based in Austria, to become their official UK distributor of the new ESP Heliotherm Comfort Compact Booster Air to Water Heat Pumps. This innovative series is designed for outdoor installation and can be used in multi-family homes and commercial properties. [...]

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Heliotherm. The Air Source Heat Pump the Swimming Pool Industry has been waiting for.

To date, swimming pool designers/installers have struggled to utilise air source heat pump (ASHP) technology to heat pools and the pool environment. Earth Save Products now have the solution. Our range of Heliotherm units reliably achieve flow temperatures of 62°C at their normal setting with no significant reduction in efficiency. This allows pool designers to [...]

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