Heliotherm. The Air Source Heat Pump the Swimming Pool Industry has been waiting for.

Heliotherm Comfort Compact Solid Sensor UnitsTo date, swimming pool designers/installers have struggled to utilise air source heat pump (ASHP) technology to heat pools and the pool environment. Earth Save Products now have the solution. Our range of Heliotherm units reliably achieve flow temperatures of 62°C at their normal setting with no significant reduction in efficiency.

This allows pool designers to use flow temperatures of 55°C+ enabling them to heat pools and their environments all year round without any issues. These German designed ASHPs are manufactured in Austria and perfected to work in extreme weather conditions, more severe than we could ever experience in the UK, and still achieve industry leading performances. They’re the only unit that can be directly fed from PV and will always use this energy first before drawing from the grid. They can be monitored remotely by the manufacturer and constantly ‘tweeked’ to optimize performance. These units were originally designed for space heating and hot water production for domestic and commercial buildings but their scope and performance makes them ideally suited for the swimming pool market. This is the first real ASHP which can satisfy the demands of an all year round pool.

Heliotherm heat pumps range from 4kW-110kW, but if designed in a modular configuration an unlimited kW output range can be achieved. Operating at 62°C with no ‘wear and tear’ or reliability issues; they’re designed to work at high temperatures with minimal stress and no over-gassing. Heliotherm heat pumps achieve what no other ASHP can because of their revolutionary patented technology. Therefore, if a client requests ASHP to heat their pool and pool environment, they can now choose the most reliable and economical solution available.

Heliotherm. The Air Source Heat Pump the Swimming Pool Industry has been waiting for. Phone 01865 598158 or email infoesp@esavep.com for more information.

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