Warm praise for our ESP swimming pool heat pumps

It’s always heartwarming when a satisfied customer takes the trouble to give us some feedback:

“I really needed to let you know how impressive your swimming pool heat pump is. It would have taken my old 9kW pump over a week to warm the pool and still it wouldn’t have reached an acceptable temperature. I’ve used your ESP Comfort Easy Pool 13.8 kW heat pump on 2 consecutively hot days at 8 hour stints and got it from 16° to 27°. Many thanks again for a great, easy to use quality bit of kit. Thanks again, Kleon Fenton.”

“Your ESP Comfort Easy Pool swimming pool heat pump has so far exceeded my expectations. Pool up to temp in about the same time as the ‘piece of junk’ pump I did have, but using half as much electricity. Nigel Kenneth.”

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