Using Air-Source and Ground-Source Heat Pumps with Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating : Building Site Installation Work - Earth Save ProductsBoth Air Source and Ground Source heat pumps complement Underfloor Heating (UFH) perfectly, although there are some factors that always need to be considered. The reason that UFH works well with heat pumps and is more efficient is because it requires a much lower flow temperature than traditional heating systems. Radiator heating systems work on a boiler flow temperature of 70-80 degrees, but UFH only requires in the region of 30-50 degrees, which is the typical range of flow temperature that a heat pump will provide.


Underfloor Heating Design Process

Underfloor Heating : Pipe Work - Earth Save ProductsESP offer a comprehensive design service, taking into account the specific requirements of our own range of heat pumps. It’s important that any specified parameters are incorporated into any UFH design.

There are several input parameters that will define the design of your underfloor heating (UFH) system:

  • The fabric heat loss of the building to be heated
  • The manifold location
  • The size of the UFH pipework installed
  • The spacing between each run of pipework installed
  • The flow temperature provided by the heat source
  • The room design temperature (the target temperature you are trying to achieve)
  • The proposed floor coverings in each area
  • The external weather conditions

The type of underfloor heating system to be installed will be determined by the floor construction in the area to be heated. Underfloor heating systems for different floor constructions will vary in their heat output capability, which is all taken into account in the design process.

The most efficient way to assess whether or not the UFH will adequately heat any room is to work back from the heat loss at ‘worst-case scenario’ external weather conditions. Room-by-room heat loss calculations can subsequently be compared to the heating output to make sure that the UFH is providing adequate heating to each specific area.

How Does A UFH System Differ When Used with A Heat Pump?

Underfloor Heating : ESP Air Source Heat Pumps - Earth Save ProductsA UFH system installed utilising a heat pump will be made up of exactly the same components, the main difference being that as the water will be supplied directly to the manifold at a relatively low temperature, there won’t be an additional need to mix the water at the manifold stage, removing the need for a local blending valve.






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