Ecocent Helps Properties Gain a Pass in SAP

Ecocent MEV helps achieve SAP pass.

Here at Earth Save Products we are delighted that the Ecocent MEV has been included within the government approved SAP software.

This mandatory system is used to calculate the SAP ratings and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCS) of properties across the United Kingdom.

What has changed?

We have known for many years now the benefits that the Ecocent delivers reduced energy consumption, lower heating bills, and a reliable supply of hot water to name just a few. Now that the Ecocent MEV has been listed within the system it can now be used to help properties achieve a SAP pass.

By installing an Ecocent MEV system you will achieve equivalent or improved SAP ratings. Not only this but you can do this at a greatly reduced system cost when compared with other renewable energy alternatives.

Earth Save Products - Ecocent
  • Standard G3 Plumbing in unvented hot water cylinders

  • Simple ducting installation (similar to MVHR)

  • Simply install the Ecocent MEV rather than a standard hot water tank

Ecocent MEV Survey Comparison

To take a closer look at exactly how the Ecocent MEV can help with the SAP rating of a property we decided to do a direct comparison between two different types of systems within the same property.

Example 1

Megaflow and Gas Boiler

SAP Fail
ESP - Air Source Heat Pump

Example 2

Ecocent and Gas Boiler

SAP Pass
ESP - Air Source Heat Pump
ESP - Air Source Heat Pump
ESP - Air Source Heat Pump

This is a direct comparison between the Ecocent MEV system and a traditional cylinder. This is the only thing that was changed between the two systems. This demonstrates how choosing the Ecocent MEV system can increase the energy efficiency of the property and change a SAP test from a fail to a pass.

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