IT Sligo – Ecocent Case Studies

itsligoIT Sligo – Ecocent Case Studies

IT Sligo were invited to carry out a case study on the Earth Save Products (ESP) Ecocent unit.

The case study identified 9 locations across Dublin ans Sligo areas where the ESP Ecocent hot water systems has been installed. All of these locations were commercial buildings ranging from hotels, cafés to barbrr shops and nursing homes.

In total 11 ESP Ecocent units where examined as part of the case study and the savings generated from each of these businesses where very significant. In general businesses were reporting up to 80% savings on their existing bills. With a nursing home reporting between €800 – €1,000 savings per month after having 3 Ecocent units installed at their property.

Payback / ROI

The payback on the original investment does vary depending on the usage of the Ecocent hot water systems. Typically this is as little as 12-18 months. At the time the case study was carried out a 100% tax deduction for installing a renewable energy product was in place (applicable in Ireland).

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