Simon G Green – Reference

From: Simon G Green
To: Nick Hale
Subject: Our Recommendation

Nick, good morning

Now our building project is virtually finished and Jenny and I have finally moved in, we would like to record our praise
and thanks for the help, advice, and after-sales service we have received from you and the ESP team.

This started with us being complete novices wrestling with the initial mine-field of trying to ascertain the best and most
cost-effective ‘green’ system of providing heating and domestic hot water, and ending with the system you
recommended working efficiently.

Consultation with several local ‘expert’ suppliers had done nothing to clarify our initial confusion, and in several cases
caused sleepless nights due to incredible quoted system costs…….

We are grateful therefore to Swindon for recommending ESP as a straightforward, no-nonsense supplier
advisor. Following our visit to your Works we left feeling clear in our minds as to the best way forward.

We have already, and will continue, to recommend your services to anyone we meet who are looking to embark upon
a similar journey to ours.

Thanks again Simon

PS We are happy should you wish to use the above for future publicity purposes

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