NHS Ayrshire & Arran – Joins Green Revolution

nhs-articleCrosshouse Hospital has joined the growing green revolution within the NHS

Our Ecocent is unique and exceptional in every way. It will generate domestic hot water (DHW) from heat within the home or work place that would otherwise be totally wasted e.g. heat generated in the kitchen (domestic & industrial) or even a bathroom when showering or bathing.

The Ecocent also dehumidifies air that it processes to recover waste heat. The by-product of the Ecocent is cold air that can be recycled into any room , cellar ,server room etc to provide cooling without the need of air conditioning units.

The Ecocent can be installed as a mains pressure unit or gravity fed. All units in our Ecocent range are MCS Accredited.

a9r17e_page_3-nhsThe installation of four Ecocent waste heat water  heaters into the crosshouse hospital Kitchen area. The Ecocent units supply hot water to the dishwashers and
adjacent sink using the waste heat from the kitchen to power the unit and use the exhaust cold air from the unit to cool the working area replacing the existing air
conditioning & cooling fans which in turn reduces the electricity consumption further.

The unit runs off reverse refrigeration taking waste heat from the area and return 300 litres of 70oC hot  water in a self contained tank.

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