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After completing the first project for G&L Homes we were delighted to have received the following feedback from the client.

From: Les Rust
Sent: 08 May 2013 19:41
To: Nick Hale, Harold Wilson
Subject: Positive Feedback

Dear Harold and Nick ,

G&L Homes has now had feedback regarding the Air source heat pumps and Ecocent hot water system that we  recently fitted to new build properties in Norfolk. The owners report that the running costs for these homes have exceeded their and our best expectations, the homes are large three bed properties and the owners report running costs of low £60.00 pounds per month in winter time which is quite astonishing considering that the figure mentioned includes electricity for cooking and lighting as well as heating. We decided that having looked at numerous systems on the market yours offered the best all round performance; the build quality is superb, the installation was so simple that we thought we must be doing it wrong, and most importantly the everyday use of the controls is straightforward for our customers and once set the system effectively runs itself.

The whole process from initial contact with your company to completion of installation and commissioning was so stress free, with any calls and e-mails being dealt with in double quick time that at one point I thought we must be your only customer. Recently I met another developer who also uses your company and he had a similar experience in being dealt with and made to feel he really mattered, this is so rare these days well done to you. I would also thank you for the quotations received today and the order for these homes will be with you in the next week or so. I look forward to G&L Homes having a long association with Earth Save Products.

Many Thanks

Leslie A Rust (Chairman G&L Homes)

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