Cliff Spence – Reference

From: Cliff Spence
Sent: 14 March 2013 12:01
To: Nick Hale
Cc: Ben Vale
Subject: RE: Testimonial

Hi Nick,

We have just returned from France this morning and come home to a warm house. I have no problems with you using these photos, indeed if anyone would like to see the installation that would be Ok too, with an appointment. I have just this moment put the phone down, having spoken to Ben about possible work in the future.

I have just read the electricity meter, this being the coldest time it looks promising, from 4th December to today the 14th March, we have used £1,186 worth of electricity this looks like a possible saving of 50% on the oil that we would have used.

We continue to monitor the system.

Kind Regards

Cliff Spence

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