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Adrian and Sophie had their property featured within the Readers’ Homes section of SelfBuild & Design magazine back in May 2015. Featuring the unique Earth Save Products Ecocent Hot Water system we wanted to share the article with you.

One of the key aspects of this project from out point of view was the flexible approach that was taken with the client. Much of the ducting and pipework was installed by the client. And we were on hand to support the client with the final commissioning and testing of the system.

90kg Ecocent Hot Water System!

As I’m sure you can imagine, over the years we have lifted hundreds of Ecocent units. On and off lorries, on site, moving the units into the correct location before they are installed. You name it, we have moved them there. With that in mind you can imagine the smile that we had when we first read the client recalling their experience on this project.

“The plasterer proved enormously helpful, carrying out a number of other tasks including helping to heave the 90kg Ecocent water heater up the stairs (if I had known it was so heavy, I would have had it craned in with the roof timbers).”

Yeah, they are indeed heavy, and with hindsight if we had known the client was going to man handle this up a set of stairs we may have suggested the crane approach as well.

We really enjoyed working with the client on this project. The final house is absolutely stunning and knowing that the Ecocent unit is there providing the family with low cost hot water makes us smile more than reading about Adrian and the plasterer lifting the unit up a flight of stairs.

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